We think that the Internet should be accessible to everyone regardless of ability. That is why we are making changes to our website so that it is accessible to all. We are currently working towards the W3C WAI standards for web accessibility. Below are the changes that we have made to the site so far. We hope that you find these improvements useful.


To make you aware when a new window will open, we have labelled the links with an icon. Where you see the icon the link will launch in a new browser window. Examples:
This is a link to a page that opens a new browser window
Alternatively if the link is on a black background the icon will appear like this
This is a link that would open a PDF document

Font size

If you find the default font size hard to read, please click on the “A” button on the right hand side of the navigation bar, at the top of the page. The small “A” will return the text to the default size, while the other “A” buttons will increase the text proportionately.

Contrast Adjustment

The page contrast can be changed by clicking on the right hand “A” button on the top navigation bar. This will increase the text size and change the page background to black with white writing.

Skip navigation

To make it easier for people using a non-visual access device such as a screen reader, every page on this site features a “Skip Navigation” link. This allows users to jump directly to the content of each page, thus avoiding repetitive navigation links which their screen reader might take some time to move through on each page.