Kamagra side effects and Kamagra interactions

There are certain things that can ruin a treatment with any medication, no matter how beneficial you find this treatment to be. These things include side effects and interactions with other medications. All medications ever developed have a potential of causing certain side effects. If you are not particularly unlucky, in most cases you will […]

What is erectile dysfunction and how can Kamagra treat it?

What is erectile dysfunction and how can Kamagra treat it? The simplest way to explain what erectile dysfunction is would be to say that it is the inability to either achieve a health erection that will be sufficiently hard and lasting or to maintain it for the duration of time required to complete a sex […]

How to properly use Kamagra

How to properly use Kamagra. As you might have learned already on this blogsite, Kamagra is in fact just another name for Viagra. Granted, it is not produced by the same company, but it is manufactured by a reputable company which complies with all the regulations and which uses sildenafil citrate produced by approved laboratories. […]


Are Kamagra and Viagra the same thing?

This blog was created to give people helpful advice about Kamagra. This was easier said than done as no one have ever done any real information article on the subject, all we could find was product information and sales messaging. We made it our mission to help the men of the UK and put together […]